It is essential that we maintain the trust and confidence of our clients including everyone we deal with, both inside and outside of Vital, by demonstrating complete transparency and integrity in the way we and our business partners behave. Our Code of Business Principles sets out our core values and standards and is the foundation of our ethical framework.

All employees and business partners are without exception required to follow the Code of Business Principles when representing VITAL (the code is a key part of the new employee induction process worldwide and third party partners also informed).

The nine principles embodied in the Code are:
Anti- bribery and Anti-corruption
Resolving conflicts of interest
Gifts and hospitality
Health, safety and the environment
Employment principles
Records and reports
Protecting personal information
Anti-Insider trading and confidential information
Competition and anti-trust laws

These principles are supported by policies that help to ensure that we do the right thing as a business and individuals in our respective industries.
Responsibility is core to our culture. It defines how we work, how we behave and how we interact with our clients, our partners and our communities.

We understand that our reputation depends on honoring our commitments, doing what is right for the long-term and always treating others in all cultures with respect.

Our long-term outlook enables us to invest in relationships and defines how we manage our physical assets. We expect all the assets in which we are invested to conform to the highest international safety standards.