Secure Documentation & Identity Management Solutions is one of Vital’s primary focus and niche expertise. Vital’s management team consists of experts in the security space with over 60 years of combined experience. Vital consults for Governments and Muti National Corporations. Their expertise in high security printing, passports and e-passport personalization programs, National Identification Card and Drivers License issuance systems with a specialized area for Military Programs.

Vital can help customize an innovative solution specific to their clients needs and including some of the most sophisticated and technically advanced technologies available to this space. Vital offers identification solutions and secure documentation solutions to customers worldwide.

Vital’s services provide individuals and organizations with custom, high-quality ID badges designed and produced by Vital professionals using an in-house system. This service is ideal for individuals and organizations planning one-time, card issuance projects and agencies that require high-volume, card production and robust database/web application capabilities. Our services are available for large, transit agencies that require over one hundred thousand cards and businesses that require only a few cards. We prepare the solution and card templates to meet your specific project’s demands.

Use VITAL’S card printing services for any of the following: Credit Cards, Gift/Loyalty Cards, Employee Time Cards/Visitor Badges—Membership Cards—Key Tags/Luggage Tags—Discount Cards—Fantastic idea for school fundraisers.

Vital can work closely with any clients referenced above to help design from origination all facets of their issuance systems for identity or brand protection purposes.