Founded in 2007, Vital Energy Corporation “Vital” is a driven innovative solutions consultant company focusing primarily in the following spaces: Energy, Security, Infrastructure and Finance. Vital is driven to successfully establish a prestigious reputation of excellence providing quality innovative solutions to a range of global clients including multinational corporations and governments.

Vital’s scope of business encompasses North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Vital’s character and spirit is a hardworking hands-on mindset with honesty, transparency, reliability and integrity. Vital deeply values their Clients, Partners, Colleagues and Affiliates time, energy and effort. Vital understands the importance of efficiency, time management and the characteristics that define true professionalism in Vital’s respective spaces of focus and expertise.

Within the Energy Space, Vital is a buyer and seller of commodities; as well as an official authorized agent for reputable buyers. Vital’s focus is the area of trading and distributing of crude and its derivatives. Some of the crude derivatives include fuel oils, various types and blends of gasoline, diesel fuels and aviation fuels.

Vital is strategically partnered with logistic experts globally that can help meet our client’s needs for transportation, importation and exportation purposes. “Vital draws on the experience and strategic partnerships with suppliers in the energy space to create an extensive supply chain worldwide.”

Our experience within the Securitized documentation & Infrastructure spaces is predicated from over 40 years of working with some of the most reputable experts in their respective industries. After creating your vision, you need reliable experts to achieve the objective efficiently and professionally, this is where Vital Energy Corp can be an added value to nearly any project within these spaces hence the alliances that have been formed from years of doing good honest business, the only way forward for Vital and its affiliates.